General Objectives

Generating knowledge through theoretical research applied on a diverse range of industries, that may be able to enhance management, decision-making and innovation inside an Organization, through Business Intelligence. Furthermore, becoming an excellence referent on both national and international level in this domain.

Specific Objectives

  • Improve researching inside business on both national and international level, focused on subjects related to Business Intelligence applied to Operations, Marketing and Processes.
  • Develop knowledge, techniques, applications, algorithms or even tools, meant to add value to organizations through Business Intelligence.
  • Through research projects, thesis and graduate and post-graduate courses, our aim is to train human resources with enough experience and knowledge, in order to transform themselves in the basis for the development of new technologies and applications for that knowledge in national industry.
  • Provide a network of researchers where Academics, Students and Industry Professionals can work together.
  • Incentivate the most distinguished students to work on thesis focused in topics of interest for this Center and train them in actual issues for business.
  • Support outreach activities organizing prizes, seminars and events for our Faculty and its Department of Industrial Engineering.